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Scottish Pathways Association
About UsWe are an established network of NHS and partner agency staff from all over Scotland, who are using Integrated Care Pathways in many different clinical areas. We meet regularly to organise support and training for other interested people. ICPUS aim to be aware of what ICPs have been, or are being, developed in Scotland and the UK and be a point of contact for help with your care pathways. ICPUS is steered by a core group, representing different health board areas and specialties within healthcare. ICPUS is a low/no budget organisation and we are happy to acknowledge financial support from healthcare managers within the Scottish pharmaceutical industry for specific educational meetings. This tends to be co-ordinated through the Association of British Pharmaceutical Industries (ABPI), and we acknowledge support from Lilly UK to establish our first website.
Date Updated: 15|02|2010

Reach 4 Resource
Reach 4 Resource
R4R is a new resource site that offers mental health nurses in the UK a range of tools that will help to support their practice and expand their knowledge. R4R (Reach4Resource) pulls together the huge amount of knowledge that can be found on the internet so that mental health nurses across the UK can access a wide range of educational support and information on one site. At Janssen we aim to provide a range of services to nurses. These will include education, clinical practice support tools, job information, links to professional bodies, and to policy and practice documents. The Reach site will be developed further over the coming months and years and we want mental health nurses to see it as a valuable addition to their ongoing professional development.
Date Updated: 02|03|2011

Forensic Mental Health
The aim of the site is to provide a resource that will be helpful to all disciplines and agencies involved in Forensic Mental Health Services in Scotland.
Date Updated: 19|11|2008

ICP Toolkit
Healthcare Improvement Scotland's Mental Health Integrated Care Pathway (ICP) toolkit. Log-on and find out more.
Date Updated: 22|08|2012

Your Call freephone telephone counselling for disabled people
Your Call is Scotland's national freephone telephone counselling service for disabled people provided by qualified disabled counsellors. It is open to any disabled person aged 16 or over and their immediate family members. The Your Call number is 0808 801 03 62 and calls are free from all landlines and most mobile networks. The appointment line is open 11am until 3pm Monday-Thursday. Counselling can help people who are trying to come to terms with painful events from their past, or who need support through a current crisis or change in lifestyle. It can also help people who are struggling to manage difficult feelings such as depression or anxiety, or who are seeking direction and meaning in their lives.
Date Updated: 08|03|2010

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