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Accessibility Help

We have designed our website to be accessible to all and to reduce the barriers experienced by people with disabilities. We are committed to complying with the Disability Discrimination Act and aim to conform to the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. We are aware, however, that occasionally we do make mistakes. If you find any of our pages inaccessible to you please use the Contact Form to let us know (including details of the technology you are using) and we will make every reasonable effort to either remove the barrier or provide the information in an alternative format.


Changing the text size

On the top of every page there are some options to change the text size (Smaller, Normal, Larger). By clicking on these, you can choose how big you want the writing to be. Please note that making the text very large can make the website very hard to use.


Most web browsers also allow you to increase or decrease the text size:


  • Internet Explorer: Menu option: View > Text Size > Largest
  • Firefox, Netscape: Menu option: View > Text Size > Increase
  • Opera: Menu option: View > Zoom > %
  • Safari: Menu option: View > Make text bigger


If you have a scrolling wheel on your mouse, you can hold down the 'Control' (Ctrl) key on your keyboard and at the same time move the scroll wheel to increase and decrease the text size.


Low graphics pages

At the top of each page you will find a ‘Low Graphics’ link. Although not strictly text-only, these pages are quicker to load and useful if you do not need the images or if you are on a slow connection.



Under the main page content you will find a ‘Print Page’ button. This will remove extra menu bars and graphics so that the printed page is as easy to read as possible.


Downloading documents

Each of the case studies is available to download in pdf format so they can be easily printed. To open these documents you will need Adobe Reader, which is available to download for free from the Adobe website.


We also provide an indication of the file size for downloadable items so that you can judge whether or not it will take a long time to download on your particular internet connection.


External Sites

All links to external sites open in a new window. The Healthcare Improvement Scotland is not responsible for the content or accessibility of external sites.

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